Something you need to know


Here is something you need to know about facial threading. Persians tie the string around their necks and the Indians hold the string with their mouths. They both do fabulous jobs…but I’ve seen stuff drip down the string when its held in the mouth. I know it sounds gross..since its too much info. When people ask me where to go. I make sure to tell them the difference. My conscious wont allow me to hide the facts. I feel holding the string on the neck is more sanitary. I’m not trying to offend threaders. To each their own. Today I got a full face threading.. It makes your face look alive and clean. No more whiskers ..hehe…I’m thankful one of my coworkers does it on the side. She doesn’t want any more clients and so I feel fortunate to be able to barter with her…I will give myself a facial mask sometime this week, I’m also looking forward to applying my make up tomorrow.. It will look so much better now. The struggle to look good is real..LOL…threading is not the most comfortable feeling…( no joke)..Ouch! Like my sister says ” No guts no glory”.😂😂

PS) My coworker is Persian. In case you were wondering.

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