Its okay Drake


Its okay that people called you soft and made memes about you being weak because you sang love longs and didn’t call the ladies bad misogynistic names, its okay that your having a hard time fitting in because you too light or too black. Its okay that your from Canada and you were discovered on some Disney channel. Its okay that you didn’t have to shoot and kill someone to become hard in the rap world. Its okay that you came from  single mom. Its okay you earned your respect from hard work and being raised with manners. Its okay that you stood up
for yourself to Weak Meek. You proved that your resilient with your diss songs. Don’t stay stuck in the music’s anger. Be all that you want to be but not just in one thing. Your an actor, writter, singer, money maker..make your money and run. Hollywood causes low self esteem. You will never be skinny enough, rich enough, can’t say the rest I have to be political correct nowadays. Go back to CAnAdA and take me with you..its okay because I feel you.

#liquidcouragetalk #budlight #strawberry #margarita🙌😆
I have a day off tomorrow yay!! Feeling good👍👍👍💟💟💟

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One comment

  1. Marielli_ · August 12, 2015

    Ahhh I love drake❤️❤️


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