Before and after


I did this new client earlier today. I made her blonder and ashed her out. ..she left happy.Then I went to go cut a client’s hair who has Cancer.. I left disturbed. She has 3 daughters who are just living their lives like nothing..they don’t really show her that they care, my client thinks its because she adopted them. It makes no difference if your adopted or not where is your human compassion. One call a week is not going to cut it. She lives down the street from my job..maybe I can spend the night  when I can. This lady is so strong she refuses chemo and was only given 3 months to live a year ago, flash forward a year later she is still alive. No chemo just  whole bunch of vitamins. I was shocked when I rang her doorbell and she opened the door. I thought for sure someone would be there to open it for her…we had great encouraging conversations.. Now that I have her  number I will make an effort to check up on her. I lost her number when I got my new cell. I have a migraine I think from the shock of her strength and the lack of family love she is receiving from her daughters. Blood is not thicker than water.  actions is. I had a gut feeling she was German. No pitty parties, Just strong, handling her illness. I asked her if she was German, sure enough she said yes. Now that is how I want to be. Strong and zealous. I gotta go now..this headache is getting on my your ailing parents. Remember what goes around goes around. You cannot escape the circle of life and bad reputation for being a cold child.

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