Winged eyeliner


I could not for the life of me draw the winged eyeliner on myself.
1) I can’t see
2) My hands shake
3) I’m never alone to concentrate😄

I learned a trick from a famous makeup artist on Instagram. Place a piece of scotch tape on the end corner of your eyes and then draw the eyeliner. The tape helps you apply the eyeliner even on both eyes. The good thing is that the tape is not that sticky..I got a no name don’t have to worry about  hurting yourself when you pull the tape off. Hope that made sense..I will keep practicing until I get a good reputation for doing good makeup…BTW my last client of the day and I were discussing how you earn more money when you fix yourself up with makeup..she brough up a good point..that once you start wearing it everyday you become insecure when you don’t wear it. You get addicted to wearing a mask. I have to agree. Now that I’m getting new clients  from social media.. I don’t want them to come and I look average. I’m sure they expect me to look spectacular…its all about making that first impression. Once they become loyal clients I can show them your real face..LOL.

PS) Just scrolled down Miley Cyru’s instagram. She’s a hot mess. Why is she always sticking her loooooong tongue out like that. What is wrong with the Dysney channel? Seems like all the kids that came out of there have issues  Justin Timberlake and Fergie seem to be the only ones not caught in drugs and scandal..keep your kids away from the Dysney channel.. Read them books instead:D #salontalk

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