Dr Drey


I grew up listening to break dancing music watching my brother to the windmill and jumping off guys back and dancing in the summer days in Gardena, in fact he entered a break dance televised competition and his group won. We was the familys’  hero. Life was great music wasn’t dark and violent. It was all about dancing to  Dr. Drey’s beats. No drive by shootings no getting killed over a  blue rag. It all changed  when the cops started breaking up the dancing kids in the neighborhood. What’s wrong with dancing? They weren’t robbing.. I think dance music keeps teens out of trouble. After much pressure from the cops to stop dancing..the break dance era slowy died, the rap music changed from rapping about pumas and chicken wings to shootings and gangster stuff. I want to see * Straight out of Compton* the movie…I want to see how the music has changed to what it is now…Dr Drey is worth $700 million now, he discovered Eminem he gave him chance to do music therapy in his lyrics. He’s a angry guy, I can relate to his anger…I read somewhere that Eminem was in a coma from a beat down a kid gave him when he was 9. I don’t know if its 100% true..but if it is..I can see why he uses music as an outlet to release his frustration. I went school with guys who knew Dr. Drey and Eazy E…in Compton..they brought light to police abuse. Who would of thought that the things they were rapping about is all over breaking news to today…at the end of the day. I have to give Dr. Drey respect for doing break dancing beats and staying focused in still making music and staying out of trouble at the age of 50.. something that is hard to do coming from Compton.

I must rinse my client out now.. I hope I don’t have too many typos..hehe..#salontalk…gotta go👋

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