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I’m kind of new to the whole social media thing. I never owned a computer in my life and I manage just fine. I can do a lot with my cell. I am the oldest  of three and I also have a older and a  younger brother from two different baby momas. I have a total of 4 siblings. I’ve always been a family girl. I don’t think I could even move to another state or country for love. I’m a realist. If it doesn’t work out I will be stuck somewhere in the moon with out emotional support. I’m over analytical like that. I was born with scissors in my hands. When I would play house as a kid I was always carrying a brush playing with all my friend’s hair. I wanted pretty flowing hair like the rest of the girls, throw them in a pool and they can out fine. Throw me in a pool and my hair shrivels like cotton candy:D I became obsessed with wanting to have what they call good hair. When we lived in New Haven Connecticut and my mom would take my brother to the barber he was like 3 or 4. (I was 5) I would sit in a trance starring at how the barber would cut his hair. I would ask myself how does he know were to stop cutting. It was a magical thing to me. We moved to beautiful California. I’ve seen and been through a lot. I remember seeing a man get stabbed at a store I believed called Zody’s I was only 9 when I witnessed that. That was one of my first experiences in Cali that made me strong. I was raised with the shot gun crips..went to a three different highschools because I had a ditching problem. I hung out with all the races. I didn’t experience racism till I moved to California. Back east there where more peanut butter looking kids like me. The Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Domininicans. We are of mixed people so we I never experienced race issues like here. I go to hair shows once a year and I take pride of having a VERY diversed clientel. I have everything from doctors to drug addicts, I do all types of hair… Pressing combs don’t scare me I use to burn my hair heating the pressing comb on the stove..as a teen ..hehe..this business will break your body down in time, not just mentally but physically as well. Standing on your feet for 12 hours is a lot. I now use a stool..all my coworkers are Chinese. I’ve worked with MANY different races but I’m sticking with the Chinese for a while. No drama, no stealing, no gossip. They are the easiest people I’ve ever worked with. I want to keep telling you more but my mom is calling me..😄…I’m getting into professional makeup slowly but surely and more barbering. Makeup and fade cuts are hard to do..I like to challange my
fears. I don’t act my age. I have random rants on WordPress when I need to release pressure and maybe after I’ve had a tequila shot. It’s weird. I feel more comfortable venting here than some of my closest friend. Hairstylist have good days most of the time but when its bad its real  bad. I can’t speak for the rest of my peers but I’m just now learning not to take my client’s problems home with me. We get affected when some complain ALL the time. We smile and take it in but feel bad when you leave. We are underpaid therapists, people confess more stuff to us than to a Catholic father or a therapist. Something about touching someone’s head makes folks spell the beans.. LOL!! There are many secrets we keep and take to the grave. I need to hurry up and finish this up before they close the market. I will tell more later…if I could do it all  again, I will be hairstylist again. I love what I do, I love my clients and they love me. They feed me, check up on me when sick. They’ve helped me a lot ..I appreciate all of them, Oops! I gotta go, the market is about to close.. Agape.. G’nite:).PS) will finish this story soon…bye👋

Sorry for the typos, typing in the dark in my car.

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