You have a chance to rewrite your life story the way you want it to go, either in a private journal or WordPress. You are not chained to your past. You are not how the world views you. We are actors to different people. With self righteous folks you walk on egg shells because you know they are sizing you up, you are relaxed with crazy folks because at least they keep it real, and you watch what you say around the ones who go around policing everyone. Its survival skills you develop to keep the peace. We have internal warfares with ourselves no need to be fighting with everyone who doesn’t agree with you or does things differently. Its okay. Stay focused. Listen to you gut. Most of the time its right. Your with the right friends when your gut is at ease. Take the time to better yourself every 24 hours. Think it, speak it and act on it. Take pictures of your accomplishments and goals. Keep a visualization board. Keep moving, no matter what you do don’t stay still. My small goal was to wear fake eyelashes without getting glue all over my eyes. Today I found self adhesive lashes by ardell. Another goal in the next four weeks is to loose weight. I’m codependent and felt bad when my doctor was disappointed in me that I gained weight. I don’t know, I feel the same. I started lifting weights to tone myself..who knows it could of been water weight..whatever case the is.. the look on his face is all I needed to see for me to shape me up. ..LOL! My next doctor’s appt is in four weeks
I want him to be proud of me. And of course most important proud of myself …let me go wash this caked make up and pray before I go to bed. I have too many things to be thankful for ..getting sleepy…I will try and check in tomorrow. .adios.. (Waves)👋

PS) Keep your chin up🙌

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