Music beef


Seems like whenever a new artist comes out they have to attack the ones before them. No need for all that. The universe is hugh, there is enough stage space for all. I don’t know who Meek Mill is, but he’s been attacking Drake. Everyone attacks Drake. Don’t know why. Is it because from Canada. I found this funny picture on Instagram responding to Meek’s jabs at Drake. I can’t keep up with all the new music. I’m stuck on the 90s. I cant get into misogynistic music or girls like Nicky Minaj who have to act slutty for music sales. I was disturbed hen she was dry humping a tree on her video annaconda. My mom would of knocked out my braces if she saw me doing something like that..LOL. Where are the classy ladies like Sade and Alicia Keys. We need more of you. Please come back. Bring Queen Latifah back. What in the hades has music gone too.


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