Ain’t that something


I was over here thinking that the makeup artists on Instagram we’re perfectly flawless. Come to find out they use filtered apps. Its understandable to some degree because sometimes the makeup colors don’t pop out in the pictures and you have to edit them. Here I gave myself light eyes. My eyes are dark brown. This just proves that what you see on magazines is an illusion to make you feel like celebrities are perfect. Nope! Their not. I have mixed emotions about the whole over done filters. I mean you can make yourself taller and skinner, what the heck! ..Before I go I’m sorry if I haven’t been attentive to the comments you leave on my blogs. I’m still trying to figure out my new cell. The settings are so much different now, I  can’t tell who likes what. .LOL! I want to support your blogs I like to give back. I’m just  getting used to using this new galaxy  6 thing:D😂 as soon as I get use using my cell phones its time to upgrade. The struggle is real. Its a vicious cycle with dealing with phone companies.

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  1. Christina Braccia · July 21, 2015

    Oh my gosh! I learned that they use an insane amount of apps recently too. My Instagram didn’t compete at all because I wasn’t using any editing. What apps did you use to edit your photo?

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