Blue Monday


I’m so inspired to try new things on my clients. So sad, I get more likes on my bathing suit pictures on Instagram than I do on my work. I’m not in competition with other stylists. I’m truly inspired by them, it makes me keep pushing the envelope to better myself and to take chances. If you want to be a  well known good stylist don’t settle, keep evolving, take classes, go to hair shows, ask questions, watch you tube videos. Follow other stylist support each other..speaking of support why do women tear each other up   and want to scratch the eyes out of successful hairdressers and makeup artists that get famous on social media? Yesterday I witnessed a male model and a makeup artist get bullied on Instagram. It made me sad. I know the model and the makeup artist. We’ve chatted in private and they both encouraged me. One even asked what could they do to help me reach my goals..I thought that was so beautiful. Then a few hours later..I see the hateful mean comments on their walls. I’m not sure I’m ready for the price of fame. Its brutal. Unless your Kim Kardashian. She doesn’t care what anyone says about her. I have to admire her heart of steal. They call her all sorts of mean things on her pictures and she just keeps posting pictures like nothing. You know I better be thankful I could of gotten bullied for taking a bathing suit pic…LOL..I was showing my weight loss progress….I never ever take bathing suit pictures. But Instagram Inspired to be all that I can be…I can’t wait to have the time to focus on becoming a chef one day. For now I’m still practicing my contouring makeup up skill…hehe…

Well I have to go “Pata Largas the cute neighborhood cat is throwing a fit outside…he wants me to feed him…Did I show you his pictures yet? He’s a doll…gotta go..(waves)👋


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