This is my baby sister. I’m not that short she has heals on…LOL..we were celebrating my nephew’s highschool graduation yesteday. I took the day off work to spend time with my family. I ended up being stressed out, my cell phone kept blowing up of clients wanting their hair done. Please don’t think I’m unthankful I pray and thank God each day for every client that sits on my chair..I’m just burnt out with life period. Not setting  boundaries for myself has caused me to get very irritated   lately, its no ones fault but mine. When I’m around my sister I have a sense of peace. Her confindent energy rubs off in me. She is such a beautiful girl to me. I hate when people compare us. Please don’t do that. She is beautiful on the inside and out. In a world that is so visual she is very confident in herself. She is aware she needs to loose weight.   I like how she told me yesterday “I know I need to loose weight I  will do it when I’m ready. I can do it and I know how. I was like you go girl as I continued to eat the delicious red velvet cake at the yard house in Long Beach. Loving yourself has more to do with what’s going on inside than what you look outside. She was my hair model when she was a little girl. I would give her tiny braids, shaved her sides, turned her hair purple like Barney, she’s cried over haircolors she didn’t happens, she’s one of my number one supportive fans. I learn a lot more from her than she does from me..she’s learned from all my mistakes.  I helped raise her using positive words on her which has made her into this beautiful confident power ball. I observe and watch her, she taught me a thing or two yesterday. I need to bring a note pad when I’m around her so I can take notes;))


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