Salon talk ( college education)


Yes us girls talk about rappers in the hair salon…hip hop is entrenched in me…I was raised with the crips. Music is part of many conversations between clients and I. I’m not into Kanye he curses too much, his lyrics don’t rhyme, and he can’t hold a conversation that makes sense. He’s a real angry person. What the heck you so angry about? Your popular by association, you get on everyone’s nerves and you still get paid. You have a college education but you  don’t make any kind of sense when you   talk.  If Tupac was still alive you would not be around. Tupac and Eminem come from the streets with real life stories, have been through way more than you and didn’t seem as angry. Kanye just be thankful that the more annoying you are the more money you get. Start taking your medication and sit down. Not even my senior citizen clients like you…

❤ Tupac❤Eminem


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