Roomates and wrinkles


I have to blog fast to get ready for work. I have a very busy day and weekend. Every wrinkle in my face its where its supposed to be. I can use an app to get rid of them, but no. I don’t want the ironed face look. I want to still have character in my face. I’m not against botox if you need it go for it. I’m against the wax museum face. I use to be a Kim Kadashian fan..she’s gorgeous in pictures but I can’t look at her face when she talks. It doesn’t move!! She’s not even 40 why did she iron her face?  Hollywood messes people up bad.

The roomate situation. I could easily move in with a roomate but you know why I don’t. I have observed for years how roomates act when they have lived  together for too long. They get too close in a weird way. You cannot hang out with your friend  unless the roomate comes along. I’ve heard of some not going to weddings unless her roomate comes with her. I’m way too independent for that. If your not my husband I dont want them shackles on my feet. I’d rather work my fingers to the bone and have my own place. You cant take a drive with your friend because the roommate feels left out. What’s up with that. Seriously?

Gotta go..rushing off to work, be careful what you ask for, all my social media hustle is paying off. My cell goes off non stop now. All day and night. I don’t know when I will be able to blog again hopefully soon.. Ps) I can’t get over my new Mac *Ruby Woo* lipstick….good lipstick makes my life complete💕💕💕


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