Today was a good day


Sound like a song? (Ice Cube) :D..all my clients showed up on time. No complaints…all was good. This is Netta she’s a new Samoan client. I did a color correction on her. I’m not even sure I feel comfortable calling it a correction. The stylist that did her hair did a good job. ..he gave her a ombre color but she wanted it to look more transitional. Pictures dont do justice on my work. Her hair looks much better in person she’s sporting a ash ombre.

I cut myself while cutting her hair and its  just now barely starting to hurt..I hope to do more Samoans’ hair color. From what she told me and my observation Samoans seem to be afraid of change when it comes to their hair. I told Netta that maybe now her family and friends will get brave and do something with their hair. ..I had a blast with her today. She has a cute, witty and a  fun personality..I want yo keep blogging but my finger is hurting… Okay..I will stop in later…(waves)


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