Beauty tip #4


If you don’t have primer use a moisturizer before you apply your makeup. It makes a hugh difference.




Last year my therapist told me to write my feelings in a journal. I spend a lot of of time on my cell phone and so I just blog whatever thoughts come my way. If I can connect with someone and they feel like they can relate to something I posted and that they are not alone, then I did a good thing.💕💕😄😄the more connections the more positive vibes permates around the world..



Parents stop creating monsters. Children are sponges and pick your  conversations even when your not talking to them. Break the ice. If your a little bit ignorant and hate white, black, yellow people challange yourself to try something new and step out the box. If your black why don’t you buy a Sugar Ray or Fergie CD. If  your white why don’t you go to Flossie’s and try some soul food..they have the bomb smoked macaroni and cheese. My mouth is watering. I miss me some Flossie’s..hehe..if your Asian make some guacamole or take some salsa dance lessons. People get out your box and learn to live with peace in yourself. Stop the violence. Get a life and  be safe about it.

Stand up for yourself


Stand up for yourself even when you don’t have the courage to speak up on it. Don’t keep putting yourself in hurtful sitations. Don’t let friends or clients devalue your worth. That applies to all areas of your life. Few people want to change for the better. Don’t be a doormat. The only person that can make that change is you. Don’t waste time hoping that people can read your mind and that one day they will wake up and say “Hey, I’ve been using him or her for quite a while, I think I better stop. Nope, its not going to happen. If you want something to change grab the bull by the horn and you make that change. If you don’t have the heart to speak up don’t make yourself so available. Eventually they’ll get a clue. Let’s hope..LOL!



He couldn’t of said it any better. That is exactly how I feel.  Now a days you have to walk on egg shells, if you  say anything that goes against the popular demand your marked, sometimes for life. You can loose your buisness, its awfull. Folks have a conniption about anything and everything now. If your a smart hairstylist you just go ummm hummm aha…people get so offended about everything. The more technology advances the more emotionally weak we’ve become. Crazy.

Time is up


My rest week is over. Boy that was fast, just when I started to feel relax I am back at work tomorrow. It’s all good I’m looking forward to it. I miss my clients. I did my makeup twice this week still practicing the contouring thing. I didn’t have a chance to practice the winged liner either. I took the easy way out and packed on my new mascara, I really like it. I’m going to make an effort to do my makeup so when my clients walk in I look vibrant. I won’t do it heavy but enough for it not to make me look tired.

Just got done watching the BET music awards..they did a nice tribute to Janet Jackson. But why does she talk like Michael? Its bIzZaR to me. She talks more like him now that he’s passed away. I must say she looked nice..she was rockin the red hair. You go girl.



I dont have time to glue my eyes shut with mascara glue, its hard for me to apply fake eyelashes on myself. A Mac girl recommended this mascara..I like it. 

I go back to work on Tuesday, my rest week is up, let the anxiety begin. I’m looking forward to it.😂:D😄😅



Or quietly walking away. I’ve had to cut two friends off this year. No relationship is pefect there is going to be ups and downs but when your getting your hair extensions pulled out your head, being dragged on the ground while you foot is still stuck in the car, you loose your home,  your family hates the guy, he sleeps around and you keep going back for more abuse your not a victim to me. There is a lot of debate on this. I can speak on it freely because I lived it. It only took my ex husband to lay his hands on me twice..there was no way in the world I was going to stay in a relationship where I’m getting beat. I dont like getting hit. If you are sleeping in your bed and your boyfriend breaks into your home and he starts hitting you then your a victim. If there is a restraining order on you and you are still  meeting up with him and he gives you a black eye again you are just plain dumb. When your family and friends try to reason with you till they are black and blue, when your church friends try to help you see the light and you keep going back for more abuse your on your own. There are victims and then there are some who were dropped on the head as a baby. I can maybe understand you getting beat because your spouse is the bread winner and you depend on him. I don’t understand you taking care of him, supporting him and you’re getting beat up. Its likes your paying for punches. After loosing my cool listening to these disturbing stories over and over again its best you get your hair done somewhere else.  I have the right to refuse service and the right not deal with insanity. Your craziness makes me want to hit the bottle. It affects me. It makes me cringe me. If you don’t love yourself I find it hard to like you. I need to make money but I don’t have to loose my mind with yours. I can work without having to go home emotionaly disturbed. Seek therapy first before you attempt making your next hair appt with me

I don’t feel ashamed posting this as I have been very vocal with my friends. They know my stance on getting beat. I don’t play that. After trying to help them with no avail I quietly exit the back door. They will know I’m done with them when their calls goes straight to voice message the next 6 months. I need a mental break.




When false friends, loved ones, envious work mates do all they can to you drag you down and it doesn’t work,  they will see  you soaring higher than an eagle and will  have no choice but to respect you. Surviving doesn’t mean material things I mean when they see you dressed all sharp and your smiling from ear to ear. When they see you are really happy, when they try to get in your circle but you’ve already locked the gate. When they want to hang out but now you have better friends. Everything you do good or bad comes in full circle. Think twice before you throw a good friend under the bus you may never, ever, recover that friendship.

Don’t settle


Don’t settle for someone your not attracted to because they happen to be real nice, spiritual or make lots of money. Marriage comes with challenges, everyday will not be a honeymoon you will say and do things to hurt each other. You will fall in and out of love with your mate…these things happen when you have chemistry and your attracted to each other. Can you imagine not being attracted to your spouse and you have a disagreement and they try and touch you? You might have to pop a xanax pill and drink a couple of glasses of wine just so that you can feel comfortable giving them a hug. Now everything is NOT about looks. I was in a situation years ago where I fell for a friend who was so intelligent, kind, and funny…we were friends for a long time when his looks started to transform and he became beautiful to me. Nothing came out of it because he lives in England. That was a RARE occasion. Its  important  that I have that  electronic spark with the person I will attempt to marry. I don’t want to wait years to fall in love with my mate. I want us to both be in love with each other. So when the hard times come and we  make up after a big disagreement I will feel that spark when he holds my hand. I’d rather be single a little longer than to settle out of desparation. My identity is not based on who I’m married to, its based on how well I do hair💕💕 I will not settle. I will stay focused on moving out to my own pad in October, my makeup artist goals and other personal things I’m working on.  I have 4 potential mates, may the best man win. No need for me to make anything happen, may the chips fall where they may. I will hold out for the one I want without coarcing, chasing, or humiliating myself. The only thing we have is our dignity if you loose that over a person you’ve lost a whole lot, it can take many years to recover and you will end up feeling resentment. Focus  and loving yourself  FIRST…its better to be single than in a miserable marriage.  Count your blessings💕 in the meantime get a nice pedicure and get some cute strappy sandals.