Worse lipstick in the world


I voted Revlon Diva Red lipstick as the worse lipstick in the world. See what I mean. I have it smeared all on my face like I said earlier. It looks like I just made out with my crush. There is a Spanish saying that says “Lo Barato Sale Caro” meaning you buy cheap stuff and you end up spending more because you have to buy it again. When it comes to make up and shoes I’m a firm believer spend what your worth. I love me some shoes and cute strappy sandals. I bought two pairs of new strappy sandals and had to throw them both away. One was tighter than the other..it was sufficating my feet  and my other new  cute gold roman style sandals broke this past wed…puff…well I better rinse this color off my head now. I’m coloring it a light rosy pink. Let’s see how it comes out..hehe…see ya!!


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