Nail addiction


I’ve have a new nail art and color addiction. I like wearing  acrylic nails. I wore them for years then decided to take a break for a year but that one year turned into a couple of years maybe even more. I’m back on the nail train.. I went on wed but my nail guy Jimmy wasn’t there and so his younger brother did them for me. I was kind of nervous..I didn’t think he could pull off a Jimmy. To my surprise he came through. I asked him to reshape them for me and he did. He knew about the new trend called coffin nails. My nails aren’t that long, coffin and pointy nails look better on longer nails. I will let them grow some more and post pictures the next time I get them done.

PS) I’m constantly sending my sister text messages of my makeup, nails..etc..she teases me and tells me I have too much time in my hands…she forgets  that is how I hustle and get new clients. Free marketing.  If your going to be on the internet might as well make money😜💃👍💅


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