Thank you


Here is a flower to each and everyone of my followers. I don’t always get a chance to read all your blogs. I  scroll  through and pick a  random follower and try to at least read  three of your blogs and make a comment if possible.  Time flys or I get busy,..everytime I want to make a comment I’m interupted by a call, text or Juliet the cat (my mom’s cat) wanting to be nosy  and see who I’m typing too. She jumps on me starts to purr and rubs her cute lil head on the corner of my cell. I don’t want to be a selfish blogger I want to take more time and support your blogs as well. Again thank you so much for following me.

I want to shower and sleep but I’m cooking a steak. Let’s see how that goes..LOL!! . ..I really wish I had more time to cook. Eating out is horrible unless of course I’m at the Cuban Cuisine then its all good…yumm!!

Juliet just got done carresing my face with her claws I take it she’s telling me to put my cell down for the night …I want to keep blogging but I have to attend to my cooking. That is what I don’t like about cooking. I want do 3 things at once. I have to stand there and focus…hehe.. Okay bye bye..(waves)


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