Women Too


Read my client’s Susan’s Mellen story on Woman’s Magazine. She said she mentioned me in her story. I dont think they used my Mame but mentioned her hair stylist. Susan is prettier in person, and so is her hair color,  she’s witty funny and very positive. Can you imagine doing 17 years in prison for a murder you did not commit? She told me she cried every single night for 17 years. We text each other here and then. I just saw her yesterday when I did Julie’s hair her daughter. I posted Julie’s hair picture yesterday. I’m going blonder on her. She has a funny relationahip with her daughters.. They are always laughing and ragging on each other. You would think they are fighting but they’re not. I told them they need a  reality show, they are so entertaining…the show should be based on Susan trying to adjust to the real world…what’s cute about her she looks all prim and proper and she is, but sometimes her prison slang comes out and I just laugh. My client Kristine bought her a purse that she can wrap around her shoulders and Susan said “Cool I don’t have to worry about getting jacked!! Her daughter Julie was like “Mom you dont say jacked!.. You say robbed. I interrupted and said its all good I understand your mom she’s cool like that…we just  laughed. I understand all that talk. It helps to have some kind of street smarts. My first 21 years I was raised in a all black neighborhood ..with the crips. It wasn’t the ghetto. It was middle class clean nice neighborhood in Gardens. (The Shot Gun Crips) They did their thing but they procted my family. ..just don’t go to the park alone or get on their bad side. Here’s the thing. Susan is white and she was falsely accused and what about all the Hispanics that are falsely accused doing prison time? We are all victims of abuse of power. I use to be fond of police officers as a kid growing up..but after witnessing some real nasty attitude towards my family and I at the airport treating us like felons and seing a cop recieve oral sex at a red light when my friend and I were going home from a club..I don’t look at them the same. Yes there are a FEW good ones. I even went to one of their weddings. It was a beautiful experience.. They are people just like you and I..but once they get that badge on something in their head shuts down. It doesn’t matter if they are black or white. Look what did did to Kelly Thomas (He’s white) They beat his head and face in like a smashed plum. He died. Why does it take 7 men to apprehend a 135 pound man?  Whatever happened to just shooting someone on the foot? This system is flawed real flawed.. You have to pray before you get out of bed for wisdom and protection. The point is this everything in life is not ALL about racism. There is good and bad in every race. White people get killed by cops too. There are bad black cops as well. This world is hanging on its last leg.. The media gets a kick spreading  race division. Its a jungle out there, in the meantime I will continue to preach and teach about the good news of the kingdom bringing hope  one door at a time. Jw.org

See you later my open book secret diary #wordpress…I gotta take care of some business now…muah!..(waves)

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