So much do to so little time


And so I’ve been driving cross country trying to find lace closure hair extension. Its the top of the like new look where your extensions look the bomb like Beyonce’s hair flawless:) (sound like a song) I want to start doing them on my clients I don’t think anyone in Torrance is doing lace closure extensions and I’m not mentaly ready to go in a shop and sit there for 6 hours waiting to get my hair done by stylist eating chicken while doing by hair talking bout Dante didn’t come home last night. #Thestruggleisreal nephew’s friend Tyler has her own website selling hair. I’m so proud of smart teens that hustle and try to make a living a decent way …

Let me tell you it’s ALL about the hair. You can have the hot body and a gorgeous face but if your hair looks like a short bird’s nest its not happening. Hair is 80% your image. Its the presentation of the picture. Your self esteem takes on a dramatic boost when you hair is on point. You walk with confidence, your smile is bigger. Your just a happier person. Most men like LONG healthy looking hair on a woman, unless you look like Halle Berry she is gorgeous with a bag over her head. Remember when Beyonce got that cute short haircut and her fans lost their minds and started making fun of her. She had to get hair put back on that same week. Or what about the chick in the TV show was it Felicity? She had long beautiful long curls and she chopped her hair off and the  TV ratings went down and they canceled the if you have a flat back side like a tortilla and you don’t think your all that pretty get some hair extensions and see how your life starts to change for the better;)) stay away from glue hair extensions!!

I would have more time to handle my responsibilies today if I wasn’t here blogging ..LOL!!

Ugh I better go now. I really want to hang out with you guys and read my followers’ blogs but I have a millions things I must do today like clip on my new hair💃😂👍


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