When you wake up


When you wake up with a plastered smile on your face and hearts its all you see. The secret Is don’t talk about your matters of the heart too much not. The less people involed the better the outcome. Patience, focusing on yourself and tons of specific prayers is another secret. Stay busy doing you. Let go of  the situation and let nature takes its course….don’t forget to stay busy blogging;))) save some kind of privacy for yourself. Then when you get married one day down the road  you can talk about the wonderful adventure. I learned this from my Asian clients. They don’t brag about their relationships. They don’t go around telling everyone how wonderful their boyfriends or husbands are they don’t goo goo gaga baby love talk in front of you with their mates making you feel weird forgeting that your in their prescense. You know they are truly happy because you see the twinkle in their eyes. You know they are happy because you feel their energy. Vibes speak louder than words. I learned many years ago the ones who brag about their mates the most have some of the most dysfunctional relationship. Its like they have  lie to themselves..its okay to lie to yourself its your right… Just don’t lie to me. I see right through you. I see when your husband snaps at you for having a junky car trunk. I see how he treats his step son. I see how he looks at your pretty friends. I’m NOT  saying never talk about his good traits or when he does something nice for you and your family. I’m talking about the relentless bragging of his expertise in the bedroom. I dont care to hear all that. You don’t have to tell me everytime he buys you something. We are not in some kind of competition here. What works for you may not work for me. We are different learning paths.

Don’t know how I ended up with this long post😍 I better get up now I have a long day at work. Hopefully I won’t be too tired to go the gym. I’d rather be tired than broke though.



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