Oh me oh my…LOL


How does a girl go from making $800 to a grand a day to living in the DA HOOD? LOL!! I have to laugh …little by little things start to snow ball and before you know it you are having to start your life all over again, except I don’t have the energy I did when I was a young spring chicken. I can’t work 12 to 14 hours like I use too. I need cat naps in between clients. PS) I don’t sleep wherever  I sit much since I started taking iron last week..Whoop! Whoop! Paying  $1000 dollar on a fix  it ticket in California doesnt help my cause either. I thought I was done with the shock of paying the dumb ticket until I saw a news segment and saw a story about the goverment jacking tickets making people spend hundreds on tickets, suspending folks license, throwing them I’m jail over a flashing break light. People are loosing their jobs because they can’t go to work on a suspended license .getting fired from work and going into poverty because they can’t find work.. That was my story!!!! Not only did I pay a $1000 they lost the $100 money order I sent them. Where is the mercy. They act like I  purposely ran over a horse.   then my hair dryer decides to die on me yesterday. There goes my little savings to move out. Can’t go without a dryer, I don’t want to be depressed and so I got a pedicure to make me feel pretty. Might as well I’m broke anyways..haha…I’m going to work like a mule all over again to save and get my own pad again and get my own little Sola Salon hairstyling room one day. I will be super busy next week. Thanks to social media hustle new clients are slowly coming in. Looks like I’m booked for the month of June. Thats all good.

Sorry for the typos!! Gotta go, my nice clients are here..they found me on yelp..love em…. Nice mother and daughter make me laugh..I enjoy their hair sessions much!!

Keeping my chin up😂😁


One comment

  1. Sean Mungin · May 23, 2015

    Love your hustle!


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