Killing time


I’m killing time before my next client walks in…

I dropped a friend for being rude to waiters and waitress. These are the things that make me do Houdini acts and disappear without explanation. I’m not into bullying waiters or waitresses. I’m not into bullying period. Don’t be rude to the white waitress because your ancestors where slaves. Don’t bully the waiter because your the old lonely miserable cat lady. Don’t bully them, if you want a special chef to cater to your dietary issues hire a chef to come to your home, a menu shouldn’t be altered  completely just for you…and if it is you better tip good.

Ps) My ex friend is Italian. Let my put that out there to be safe. People take offense for everything now. I don’t care what race you are I don’t dig bullies.

Client came gotta go!! 


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