The good and the bad


The BAD thing about social media and technology once you put your buisness out there it can come back to bite you like a arrow in your butt. The people you think are gorgeous have been using filter apps. What you see  on screen is not what is sitting behind the computer. I always wondered how the famous makeup artists on Instagram post 5 pictures of themselves. It takes me a looooong time to get my makeup on point. How did they get their perfect winged eyeliner? Can you believe there are filter apps that give you the perfect winged eye liner? I am so disappointed, confused. You get millions of followers based on fakeness. Now don’t get me wrong. There are gorgeous girls with flawless skin. But even they too use apps.

The GOOG thing about social media you can rewrite your life. You can change how the world views you according to your pictures. You can set goals, put it out there and feel accountable to live up to them because you know you are being watched. Even if you slip up and mess up (your followers are rooting for you) you bounce back because you want to make a difference for the better out there to someone one who is really watching your moves, even though they dont comment on your walls. You can edit a picture and make an ex eat his heart out. You network, you find long lost family members. You don’t envy your friend’s pictures of them and  their mates looking all happy on facebook because you know the truth. Hubby has hit her with a belt before, acted innapropiate  with another mutual friend, cheated, brought her to financial ruins. You name it. But to the world they FRONT like they are madly in love. You can get good Cuban recipies on pinterest or even meet your mate on the net. Social media is like a sharp knife it can cut a good piece of cheesecake or cut your reputation up in pieces or hurt your heart  (catfish). You can make your buisness GROW. All I know is that I am addicted to the adrenaline of the unknown. The MADDNESS.


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