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Kim Kardashian has a new book of all her selfies. Don’t know why she’s selling a book like that If I can see her selfies on her Instagram? Well I have my story line book here on WordPress. Not only I post a picture. I tell stories behind them.❤💇 This is Alicia a single mother friend of mine. She will be one of my new hair models for my social media marketing. I didn’t charge her. I did her hair last nite color and cut. The rule she sends me new clients. We had so much talking and catching up to do but her teen son is always listening in and so I can’t vent like I want too. Remember back in then day when kids were NOT allowed in adult conversation and had to show respect? Oh how I miss them days. Now I have rude little fast girls placing their hands on their hips with attitude telling me *Evy you have such bad luck with men! I’m like thinking Do I burn her ear with this curling iron??!! Parents don’t tell your kids my dang business. And No I don’t have bad luck with men! I refuse to settle and stay with cheaters. That is not bad luck that is having self respect for myself…. Puff…



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