My friend


Food is my friend and will always be. You won’t see me starving myself to fit in my jeans. I was craving Cuban food today. I found a new hole in the restaurant, my mom and I were fortunate enough to run into the lunch special. It was delicious mouth watering. Cuba here I come!!💕

I spent 14 hours in the emergency room yesterday. And so I decided to take the day off work today and try not to stress with the daily anxieties. The good thing about the whole ordeal in the hospital was the doctor. He was so cute!!!💕💕👌When he walked  away my mouth dropped..he looked like he was 28…a real fine humble white boy. I teased him and said: Oh your so cute!! You look like Manhattan Beach surfer!! My funny mom replied and said. Stop complaining about the ghetto hospital. They have doctors that look like models in this ghetto hospital..(she said that when he walked away hehe) I’m happy that they did not find anything serious with my chest and breathing problems. I take it as bad case of anxiety. I go see another doctor on Tuesday .. Anyhoo..I hope to have sometime to practice my cooking skills.  I want to make the Cuban plate I just had.. So many goals so little time💃:D So little cute doctors… LOL


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