I did this today. She has cancer and asked me not to act differently with her. And so we did celebrity gossip instead. She’s been a loyal client for years.

I broke my diet and drank wine..(feeling bueno) I have to go find a doctor tomorrow to make sure  I make an appointment to test me to see that I don’t have the *C* word illness. The thought of having to deal with my ghetto insurance will make anyone drink.  Insurance, doctors, everyone and their momma gives me the run around. #forreal when it comes to making doctor’s appt.

I am sick, might as well make the best  of it with humor and a good buzz❤💇💝👌


One comment

  1. Sean Mungin · May 10, 2015

    💐🌺🌹🌸🌷🌻😊hope you had a great day in spite of…


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