This was my Sunday look it took me about an hour to do my makeup. I need to buy a big lighted magnifying mirrow. These are my real eyelashes but I need to practice how to do the winged’s hard to do since I wear glasses.

I cannot stress the importance of taking a couple of days out of the week to take care  yourself. We live in a society that is becoming more and more selfish. If you dont use your senses correctly you can become physically and mentally sick. Your looks will fade faster than a speeding bullet. I know in the latin culture it’s all about cooking and taking care of a man. I’ve seen lazy men who still live with momma at the age of 32 don’t work and she’s still flipping tortillas for him. There is NO way in hades my mom was going to have that mess in her home regardless off how mental she was. We got teased as kids for having a touched in the head mother. Her mental illness caused her to do weird things that still make me cring like jumping on top of table up and down screaming out the top off her lungs because we were making too much noise. But you know what. She made sure that we all graduated high school and instilled in my sibblings and I that we get an education and work for what we wanted. There was no time out for us. There was no let’s talk  about your feelings Billy, how can I spoil you today mommy is going to buy you a BMW because we turned 16. NO we became responsible adults. All them gluteal beatings shaped us to into being funny with strong backbones. Don’t ask me how I ended talking about makeup to spoiled brats and mental illness. I can run a lot of thoughts at one time like that. ..haha..


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