My vizualization board


Love is worth the wait. But its not like I’m sitting on the couch waiting. Just got out the gym from releasing stress. Don’t give on your dreams to meet the one. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have male friends and don’t erase their numbers until the day after you walk down the Isle. I’ve lost lots of GOOD friends because once someone showed interested I thought it was improper to keep my Buddies around. 1) You get cheated on then you don’t have your male friends to cry too and give you perspective 2) I learned guys keep their female friends. What was I thinking. 3) Male friends help you not act needy with the one your with 4) I learn a lot from guys. Plus they aren’t petty. No drama.

Keep living! Blog, loose weight, do kind things for others, clean your credit, take a class, read your Bible just do something. Love and live for you. Fill yourself up. Only then will you attrack a  good mate for you. There is POWER behind words. I will get married again. I will not have 16 cats with my cabinet filled with prescriptions.

Let me go home now and get my veggies for my juicing, enough blogging for tonight. Oops cell phone is dying…Chao!



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