Miracle product


I give this pre color treatment ***** stars. Right now Olaplex is the talk of the town but I don’t have Olaplex $$$, anyhoo You spray this on the hair then dry it and proceed with your color process. I tell you its a miracle. No breakage after highlites. My only complaint is I’ve only used it on 5 clients and myself and its finished. It cost $30 but Its worth it. I wish they make a bigger bottle. The name is *Blondme* its a keratin treatment. I used it last night on myself. I highted my hair. I have black girls hair. My hair breaks off if you look at it the wrong way..LOL and it falls off for any little thing,  after my hightlights and blowdry I checked my sink to see if I had tiny broken hair pieces I had to clean up. And nope. There was hair but not what I was expecting. My hair feels so good I did not clip on my hair extensions back on last night. Well I have to now I gotta go to work…I can’t walk around with my 3 bald spots like a leopard. I better clip my hair back on…. Haha

Stay away from hair glue extensions!!!! Listen to me. When you take em out it pulls your hair off the root and it doesn’t grow back.


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