Just when


Just when I started to love myself and learn boundaries I get a cancer scare. I was in the hospital two nights ago for one problem and when the CT scan came back there was another problem. A bruise showed up on one of my ribs from a prior broken rib or it can be cancer.  Its what the ER doctor said. All I saw was her lips moving. She just got up and left  like nada..I had to ask the nurse 3 times what did she say? I don’t remember having a broken rib. And if I did why would it hurt now? My chest has been hurting for a while now and I notice I run out of breath.

I was told by my accupunture doctor today not to even say the *C* word. Boy do those needles sure calmed my nerves!!

I have the government ghetto insurance. Trying to get an appt to be seen can take up to 3 months. If I do have the *C* word I blame it on stress and all the hair colors and nasty smelling perms I’ve smelt through out the years. I remember my lungs hurting from all the fumes. I wear a mask now. In the meantime I will go to work tomorrow smile, listen to my clients and entertain them like nothing happened. BTW ever since I stopped drinking I’ve been getting lots of compliments on my skin..Whoop! Whoop!

Well gotta go now. Miss you guys..remember to clean up after yourselves when your done partying..hehe💃…bye (waves)


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