My New Friend


This is my new mom named him *Pata Largas*..LOL!! …A few months ago I heard this kitty meowing by my  window around 4am..I knew he was hungry, he was making way too much noise. I got up to feed  him Juliet’s cat food…(Juliet is my mom’s cat)… I bought Juliet for my mom  the last time she came out the mental hospital like 9 years ago. My mom hasn’t been back since. I think Juliet is my mom’s rock that helps her keep it together.. Anyhoo…
*Pata Largas ran away from me but started to eat when I came inside. The rest is history. Once you feed a cat you can’t get rid of them. .I am blogging about *Pata Largas* because this kitty has taught me some life lessons.

1) Keep asking and you shall receive. He will NOT stop meowing at the door or window until we get up to feed him everyday at 7am..He’s a very punctual cat. He meows loud…hehe..he comes on Sundays too.

2) Fight for what you want. Pata Largas doesnt care if  Juliet tries to beat her up because he’s eating her food. He doesn’t care that the neighborhood dogs chase him…he comes back relentlessly.

3) Forgive and forget. Pata Largas is the most forgiving being ever…sometimes we don’t open the door on time and he still keeps coming back doing cute theatrical shows for us to impress us. He follows Juliet and wants to play with her after Juliet smacks  him a couple of times. He follows the dogs that chase him away and walks with my mom around the neighborhood meowing, keeping my mom accompanied as my mom does her hour daily walk. Pata Largas..has become a our home. We miss him when he doesn’t come around…He is a happy cat..and little does he know he has taught me a thing or two❤❤❤❤ Love you my new friend.


Salon talk (mixed chicks)


The good thing about being Dominican mixed, biracial, mulata..or whatever you want to call us is that we don’t fit in a cookie cutter. This is  how part of my business took off. I get to do all the pretty mixed chicks that SOME black girls don’t want to do and hair that SOME whites or Hispanics are afraid to touch. They think the hair is going to bite them or something. Its sad to hear the horror stories how they get treated in all black salon, vice versa. Then I get to hear even more horror stories how their racist families mistreat them for being mixed. Some don’t have relationships with their white  or black moms, their grandparents are ashamed of them. My mom was given away because she came out to dark according to my grandmother from Spain..even in the Dominican Republic you sometimes run into the foolishness of racism…there  are even issues with the white community here in Cali. I have a white client who is always telling me how her sister, nephews and nieces are blond. She is brunette but I noticed she has some type of childhood issues about her family being blond..she is so proud of it. Now remember what I’m saying as I speak. I am using the word SOME. Its a 50/50 thing in all races. Some people choose to be ignorant and the other half is mature, enlightened and spirtual. I choose the latter. My mixed clients and I have this bond I cannot explain.. Its a unspoken word where we know what’s up..they feel a sense of comfort in my chair..we share stories, I hear them cry..and let them be…I  will always give my mother credit where credit is due. She NEVER raised my siblings and  I to be bigots..if it wasn’t for my mother I wouldn’t have the pleasure to have such exotic beauties on my chair.. Love you mom..xoxo ….Growing up my sibblings  and I  had friends from all walks of life, all colors ..we are still like that today. My friends come in all sizes, different statues quos, from the welfare department to millionares. At the end of the day we all have the same wants and fears…your color doesn’t make you a better person the way you treat others does.  Shame on you folks who go to church  hoot and holler Jesus’s name but you hate your family member for being a different shade than you. Hypocrites!! Its a touchy subject for me……puff….(takes a looooooong deep breath)

Anyhoo I colored  retouched my hair tonight. Its supposed to have a pinkish tone.. ..I guess I will be able to tell in the morning. I used Igora smells way better than Paul Mitchell. Paul Mitchell is a good color line but the smell is too strong. PS) The bald spot on my head is growing back thanks to the iron I’ve been taking. Now if I can just find a good hair weaver that can hook me up with the bomb hair extensions like Beyonce that would make my year..

…Okay I think I’m done in with my rant here… Its going to take me like 45 min to whine down …better use my time wisely and start organizing my reciepts for my taxes next year. ..that is one of the down falls of  being self employed, your house is full of papers and receipts…Gotta go Chao!

Worse lipstick in the world


I voted Revlon Diva Red lipstick as the worse lipstick in the world. See what I mean. I have it smeared all on my face like I said earlier. It looks like I just made out with my crush. There is a Spanish saying that says “Lo Barato Sale Caro” meaning you buy cheap stuff and you end up spending more because you have to buy it again. When it comes to make up and shoes I’m a firm believer spend what your worth. I love me some shoes and cute strappy sandals. I bought two pairs of new strappy sandals and had to throw them both away. One was tighter than the was sufficating my feet  and my other new  cute gold roman style sandals broke this past wed…puff…well I better rinse this color off my head now. I’m coloring it a light rosy pink. Let’s see how it comes out..hehe…see ya!!

Isn’t she…


Isn’t she a beautiful bride. Today was Maria’s wedding day. She was the most relaxed calmed bride I’ve ever done in all my years of doing hair. It turned out good. One time I did a bride in a hotel room and the fire sprinklers came on. I felt like I was in a car wash. It was the craziest thing in the world… Her dress started to turn black. The water has a fire repellant black charcoal or something…never seen anything like it. My friend a makeup artist got electrocuted. ..I will say no more. That is a story you share with your friends at a happy hour with a good buzz.. If I say anymore you won’t believe me…LOL!!

Loyal client


Just fishined loyal Sheila..she’s been with me for yeeeeears..and has followed me all over the south bay. She is one of the first ones who schooled me on working out.  She was also my first square up client (card reader) she brought cash today there was so drama the first time I rang her up. I did a color retouch them placed her under the dryer with some PM Shines.. She has nice THICK hair…some people have it all😂😁

Chin Fat (Beauty Tip)


I was doing research I tips how to get rid of fat under chin. You can find everything on Google..anyhoo..if you want it removed you can get the surgery for just $1500 or you can chew sugar free gum, it exercises the jaw line tightens it and gives you fresh breath.  Each package was  69 cent. It’s hard to chew gum with my braces on.  For now I’m just sucking the juices. I wonder how many pieces I must chew to look like s supermodel😂💃

Wedding Hair


I love doing brides’ hair…I recommend not using conditioner when you come in for a curls or updos. The hair needs texture so that the hairstyles last. I’m so happy Maria was my first client. She got me in a romantic mood..waiting for next client deciding whether I should break diet and get a coffee from 711..or save my money and just drink water..ugh choices😁😂

Last client of the day


I did a new client today referred by her sister. It was such a pleasant experience. Love her!! She was so happy she’s coming back. My last client canceled, I  get to do home early like a normal person ..Whoop! Whoop! I have to scramble and look for my Mac card application. I want to hurry up and mail for the card..I’m running out of foundation.

My new client paid and didn’t question prices even though I gave her a deal for being nice and not getting ony nerves..haha…I know my worth and my price list is going to keep changing. The cheaper you charge the more  complaints you get because your work  is not respected. Things I’ve learned the hard way

1) Never give your clients your color formula unless they are moving to New Zealand and you know you will never see them again.

2) Don’t spoil clients too much..their heads get swolled up and your nerves get rattled when you see them rolling their eyes when they see you  having a fun conversation with your client on your chair. I am sensitive to people’s energy. I feel them a mile away. I can feel your l hot burning eyes piercing my back when I’m doing someone’s hair.

3) Don’t let clients bring the whole familia in just to sit and watch me do hair. Go to the mall or wait in the car. I am claustrophobic I don’t like 6 people around me watching me perform like a elephant in the zoo. I get nervous and cannot do my job right.

I want to keep blogging but this is the first time in a long time I get to go home when the sun is out….I will catch up you loyal followers later…bye bye….(waves)

Rushes to clean up😁

Salon Talk


For example JLo. She cannot sing or act. The only movie I thought she did a awsome job was in the movie Selena. Her songs are good when she has a good music producer that gives her catchy beats. Her last album was horrible. I couldn’t stand that booty song. I have to give her credit where credit is due. She’s a hustler with a vision. I can’t knock her for that. I respect a hard working woman. .

Lip stick review


This is the worse lipstick *Diva Red* by Revlon. Its a moisturizng lipstick. They got a little too carried away with the oils or vasaline they put in there. You put it on and it smears all over face. It makes me look like I had a make out session with a  cute guy at a highschool ditching party. I don’t want to throw it away. I aint got money to be burning like  that. I will use a tiny bit just to put color on my lips. I recommend this for Russian or Alaskan ladies that have  super chapped lips, maybe it will stay on them, for me its a no no. I look like Homie the clown after just one application.. Haha..

I crack myself up😂💃