Her hair is black it took a while to make her look this natural.  She is a beautiful mix of Philipina and German. What helps blond hair look natural is having gray hair. She’s 85% gray. I transformed her. I have to find our highschool pictures and show you the before pictures.

Last night I touched up her roots and gave her some highlites to get her ready for the summer. I used the #blondme pre-lifter spray to prevent damage. I love this product!

I was soooo proud of myself normally Susie and I sip on wine in coffee cups while I do her hair. We are highschool best friends. We only see each other when I do her hair. And so we play catch up and get our wine sip and vent away. I don’t want to drink anymore. I’m trying to listen to my accupunture doctors and take care of my health. I thought I was too weak to say no to some good ol wine. Well no. I’m actually stronger than I thought. I said no to wine. Woke up without a headache  feeling groovy..LOL….I do miss a cold long island ice tea though.. One day I might have one like 6 months from now. Right now Its all about the #hustleandgrind👍💕


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