One of them days


I think I’m done marketing and blogging for today. I wish I could pay someone to market me. Typing on a cell and making sure you post the best pictures can zap your energy. Maybe I should go to the library one day and spend a couple of hours blogging and networking once or twice a week. It’s less stress on the eyes and neck. But then you might forget me. ..hehe..

Its time to put my red lipstick on and face the world. Only the strong survive. Its a jungle out here. Give out what you want back. Be kind, don’t loose your temper and keep pushing towards your dreams no matter how many set backs you have Don’t sweat the small stuff and avoid envious fake friends. You know who they are, the ones who make you cringe with their constant sarcastic remarks. Expect more of yourself than you do others and you won’t we dissapointed. Forgive yourself and count your blessings. Life is ticking don’t waste it on negativity.

Will be back who knows when..(waves)😆

One comment

  1. Sean Mungin · April 25, 2015

    well said 🙂

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