Celebrity hair


My client Sherry came to me two months ago with boxed dyed hair. She had been coloring her hair black for years. She wanted Jlo’s color. I was hoping and praying that she would be patient and not give up. Many ladies get fed up by the third session. Good hair color does not happen over night. It’s a patient process. This was her third session I was able to achieve Jlo’s color with this new product called *Blondme* its a keratin pre lifter to protect the hair before you start a bleach or color process. Once you go black..well you know the rest..LOL… Its a hard color to get out of the hair..phew!

Now it’s a matter of maintaining the color with a non sulfate shampoo and good hair products. Hair trims are recommended at least every 8 weeks. You don’t need much off but keeping it nicely trimmed also prevents crispy ends. You can also use coconut oil on your hair. My clients swear by it. I can give you want you want but you must be patient. Remember I’m a beautician not a magician😅😆💇


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