Stop the violence


Domestic violence isn’t always a man hitting a woman. It is women verbaly abusing men and hitting them as well. It is wicked roomates, parents, etc. My friend Misty had her hair extensions pulled out of her scalp and left with a whole on her head. Her roomate left her with a big bruise on her arm too. I’m am so upset.
I was able to fix her hair and give her pretty pink hair extensions #sewintracks. I told Misty the next time her roomate goes on a alcohol rage and lays her  hands on her to dial 911!!! Misty is a much better person than me. She is so forgiving which makes me angry at her but makes me look at her so beautiful and  intrigues me in a strange way. The good news is her roomate has to move out now. There are a lot of twisted MEAN MEAN people out there, I hear about it all day. It affects me. I empathize and take that stuff with me when I go home. But its not going to make me give up my scissors. If I can make a difference for the better on someone’s life with encouraging words while doing their hair what more can I ask for. I had to pull over and pray for Misty before I went home last night. I can’t wait till her mean roommate moves out.

This too shall pass…(exhales)



  1. Marielli_ · April 19, 2015

    Beautiful post your friend is very kind hearted😇

    Liked by 1 person

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