Moving on up


Okay and so I finally got the app that allows me to charge client’s credit cards on my cell. I charged my first client on Saturday and its turned out to be a catastrophe, my client got charged 3 times. It shows that I only charged her once and my bank has no record that the money came through.

These are the things that you go through when your trying to move up the latter of success.. Good grief.. LOL
Now I have to go to the bank and figure out what the problema is. I’d rather sleep. Speaking of sleep my Eastern medicine doctors diagnosed me with no or low energy. I have depression, no wonder why I sleep ALL day on days off work, in between clients in the car, and my Sunday service meetings. I knew I wasn’t crazy. They placed me on some herbs ..I really think the acupuncture is helping me. I’m so done with western medicine. They just want to keep you drugged up and never get to the root of the problem. They want to be quick to give you a blood transfusion and cut you up in 12 pieces like the concubine. Why go to school for all them years if your just going to keep drugging up the nation?!

I will stick to my juicing, no alcohol, and better diet and work out regimen  I refuse to be the old mean  cat lady with 15 million pills in her cabinet. I haven’t been to the gym in a while. I hope to go soon this week. For now l want to nap for 10 min..(waves):) ZzzzzZzzzzzzzz


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