Ombre color


I touched up her ombre yesterday and used a glosser after to prevent it from getting brassy. Ash glossers or colors tend to come out a little darker than gold tones but eventually after two weeks the hair gets really light again. She is annoyed that her hair is not bright blond like when walked in. I haven’t seen her in  like 4 months. Since then the hair is super faded and blonder. I explained to her that it will get even lighter than when she first came in because I touched it up with bleach before I applied the glosser. Bleached hair doesn’t hold colors or glossers for very long.

So far she’s gotten 61 likes on Instagram. Not bad. What’s crazy 61 people like her hair and I’m over here stressed behind the scenes. There is drama behind pictures. Don’t believe the hype. She told me she gets at least one compliment a day from strangers since I start doing her hair. What she doesn’t know is that she is going to get even more compliments when the temporarily glosser fades💕

I took the day off work to relax but I’m upset. I take my work very serious if someone is not happy. It makes me want to run to a bar..JK …no I’m not… LOL

This too shall pass…yikes!!:) (gulp gulp)


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