I am taking my friend Nicole’s hair from gray black to a cool violet or silver pearl. I have her come on every two months. She has biracial hair like me and so I have to treat her hair more careful as I don’t want it to break off. The new trend is that pale violet hair color and so violet it is. She is the second client this year that wants to grow her grays out. Of course I’m going to have them grow  it out with edge. I used the kenra 5 minute toner but I  left it on for about 20 minutes. Before I did the toned I highlited it.

I have a lot of mixed chicas come  get their hair done by me. People don’t understand our hair and don’t seem interested in getting to know it either. Sisters want to cut it all off and others act like they’ve seen a rat or something. I think its funny. That is where I come in and take on the challenge. I will post a forth picture of Nicole when she comes in again in June.

Check out my Instagram page at evy90503….#mixedchicks ❤


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