Law of attraction


I’m sharing my visualization board with you all. I’m following the secret tips. I’m a firm believer there is power behind words. As of today I hold myself accountable for only speaking positive thing of thyself. I don’t have space to put a actual board on the wall at home.  I  don’t want my mom to think I’m crazy..LOL

I will marry again. He is/will be…

1) Attentive
2) loyal
3) spiritualy strong
4) patient
5) forgiving
6) healthy
7) respects me
8) continues to learn and grow
9) accepts all my baggage
10) funny

I am deserving of a good man. Players…poof be gone!!👍💕

I have to stay focused on the board and post different pictures. Since I opened myself to you all I feel responsible in keeping you posted of my romance adventure.

Gotta go rinse my lady out… (waves)💇


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