The line


Where do you draw the line where you loose all your respect and dignity for love, money and pleasure? No one wants to be lonely, poor or bored death. Yes it is true that it can suck being single. Women get treated slightly different when she has testosterone next to her. There is a level of hidden respect. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Use singleness to grow, travel, make money, write a book and do all the things you won’t be able too when married. You should be complete on your own first and your other half should be the icing on the cake, not the WHOLE cake. If you are being disrespected and your mate treats you like a dog male or female seak therapy!!

Where do you draw the line to make money? By having a married sugar daddy? Do you really think you have the upper hand being the side chic I don’t envy V Stiviano. She milked the millionare then set him up, I guess to become famous. Fame is a dirty drug. For what, now she’s in court being sued as a greedy homewrecker. Your good reputation is all we have if you have a horrible one how happy can you be?

How bored are you that you have the need break up friendships through slander, swinger’s parties, alcohol, holding grudges till kingdom come? Hating a loved one for marrying out your race? Is that what we call living.. being in mental emotional misery. Respect yourself if you want to be respected. Life is a circle. Do not underestimate the power behind words. If  your heart is being dissed and cut up on four pieces because you are afraid to be alone, try a new career, hate to see others happy..check yourself before you wreck yourself.

(Sound like a song?) Ice Cube😂😆😅


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