Her hair is black it took a while to make her look this natural.  She is a beautiful mix of Philipina and German. What helps blond hair look natural is having gray hair. She’s 85% gray. I transformed her. I have to find our highschool pictures and show you the before pictures.

Last night I touched up her roots and gave her some highlites to get her ready for the summer. I used the #blondme pre-lifter spray to prevent damage. I love this product!

I was soooo proud of myself normally Susie and I sip on wine in coffee cups while I do her hair. We are highschool best friends. We only see each other when I do her hair. And so we play catch up and get our wine sip and vent away. I don’t want to drink anymore. I’m trying to listen to my accupunture doctors and take care of my health. I thought I was too weak to say no to some good ol wine. Well no. I’m actually stronger than I thought. I said no to wine. Woke up without a headache  feeling groovy..LOL….I do miss a cold long island ice tea though.. One day I might have one like 6 months from now. Right now Its all about the #hustleandgrind👍💕


Now a days


Now a days what’s good is bad and what’s bad is good. If you have some kind of morals you have to speak it in private with a trusted few. Keep your lips, shut don’t share too much opinion. People are just waiting to get offended. Not worth getting into a fight and having your hair extensions pulled out.

#word #thestruggleisreal



That is so me…LOL!! What’s the worse that can happen? And if it happens there is nothing you can do about it, why be anxious? If there is a solution work on it. Don’t sit there and visualize, take charge and make it happen. You’d be surprised at  the difference in your attitude and actions. We are not always the victims but willing participants. Step out of your comfort zone and take charge of your own life. There are no super heroes, prince, or suga mommas that are going to rescue you. The struggle is real but your character and self respect can take you to real good places inside within.

New lipstick


There is nothing my new Mac rebel lipstick and I cannot conquer together. Its all about appearances Just because you don’t feel good and your going through sickness and trials doesn’t mean you gotta look tore up. Fake it till you make it. A little color goes a long ways.

Don’t slave yourself for work. Eat healthy and avoid negative energy suckers. If you dont you will end up paying a high price later. Love yourself in a non narcissistic way. Life is about moderation and not sweating the small stuff. Keep your chin up and smile.

A cry for help


Sometime last year a horrific crime was  committed by one of the handy men in the plaza where I work. Whenever my chair broke or needed oil he would come and check it. He was always there when needed. He never complained. Always looked like a happy go lucky guy.

One day he asked me if I knew someone who could help take care of his mother. She lived with him. She had Alzheimer. I was so impressed to hear of a man taking care of his mother, I kept praising him for doing such an honorable act. I asked for his number and tried to get my friend to help take care if his mom..but she had already found another old lady to take care of.

Non of us knew that he has depressed. He would get his hair cut by the owner of the shop and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.   His brothers dumped all his mother’s responsibility on him, he was torn between pleasing his wife and taking care of his mother. The stress got to him. He mixed his medications with alcohol. He fell off the wagon. He stabbed his mother repeatedly in the back of her head, neck and back. He snapped. He killed his mother. He thought she was a monster coming after him  He was the nicest guy. People were shocked to see his story in the news paper..that only lasted maybe 2 weeks. Everyone has gone on with their lives. His name doesn’t come up unless I bring him up. 

Let’s stop telling little boys and men not to cry and stop telling them to man up and suck it up.. Men have feelings, suffer from depression, and take on too much stress. I wish I had known he was depressed ready to snap, maybe I could of done more. I tried. He’s in a mental hospital and his mother is 6ft under. Never underestimate a person’s smile. You don’t know how or what they are suffering. Be extra kind to people, listen and show concern. My chair needs to be fixed. But I’ll just save for a new one. You learn not to sweat the small stuff. There are more folks in emotional pain than me. I can always get a chair but you can’t make up missed opportunities to extend yourself.


My cup is empty


Why do you come chasing me when my cup is empty. Why all of a sudden I am important to you. My cup is empty. When my cup was filled with love and loyalty you would take sips and spit me out. Why chase me now. My cup is empty. Why chase me now when I wanted you you crumbled me like tissue. My cup is empty. I filled my own cup with love, respect and dignity and now you want a drink of it. There is no love in this cup for you, it got cold and my warmth  had to be poured out. My cup has been washed and filled with more love for the next gentleman who isn’t afraid to sip my cup. My cup for him will never go empty.

My passion


As I try and sit here trying to give my brain a break I can’t help but be thankful that I was born with the scissors in my hands. Words cannot express the high I  get when I  make a client happy. I did this sometime this month. #cottoncandyhair

One of them days


I think I’m done marketing and blogging for today. I wish I could pay someone to market me. Typing on a cell and making sure you post the best pictures can zap your energy. Maybe I should go to the library one day and spend a couple of hours blogging and networking once or twice a week. It’s less stress on the eyes and neck. But then you might forget me. ..hehe..

Its time to put my red lipstick on and face the world. Only the strong survive. Its a jungle out here. Give out what you want back. Be kind, don’t loose your temper and keep pushing towards your dreams no matter how many set backs you have Don’t sweat the small stuff and avoid envious fake friends. You know who they are, the ones who make you cringe with their constant sarcastic remarks. Expect more of yourself than you do others and you won’t we dissapointed. Forgive yourself and count your blessings. Life is ticking don’t waste it on negativity.

Will be back who knows when..(waves)😆

New Client


I did this lovely lady sometime this week. She had a bike accident and broke her elbow. She couldn’t color her own hair anymore and so she had to grow her black dye out. I blended it her black with her gray roots. She needs to come in for another of couple of sessions to get her color more even but to my surprise she likes it like that. The two toned. I like edgy cool ladies like her. Its okay to be conservative in your morals. But its even cooler when you add just a little color and spice to your hair. Life is what you make it, why not try something new instead of the same mullet from 1978..hehe..