A good shampoo


Got my witchypoo pointed nails done by Jimmy this past Thursday. I give better shampoos when I have acrylic nails on. I don’t like to wear gloves when I shampoo because I can’t feel the hair. I feel so flattered that Jimmy is getting popular with the rich and famous. He’s so humble and professional. His workers don’t make you feel uncomfortable by talking Vietnamese the whole time they are doing your nails. I  am very observant and learn a lot from him on how to treat my clients. He doesn’t get stressed when they act crazy with him. Unlike me, I want to punch some on the neck when they get a funky attitude with me..LOL..

I’ve  been going to him for 18 years..and he still treats me like a new valuable client. Let’s see how long I can keep these nails on. I seem to be enjoying them for now. They make me feel so ladylike.. I feel like a cat..meow😂


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