Feeling thankful


I’ve been concentrating on the things that I should be thankful for. I’m so thanful that out of hundreds and thousands of hairstylists in California my clients have choosen me to do their hair. I have young, old, different races and backgrounds. I need to make a more diversed grid. Tonight I wanted to focus on my glamour girls. They have stuck with me through thick and thin. Even when I make appt mistakes. They allow me to try new color techniques. Some are squirmish and scared and others say go for it!

The more thankful you are for the simple things in life the more likely your negative feelings will change to a more positive one. I try to write down at least 10 blessings on my journal before I go to bed. Tonight I wanted to share one of my blessings. Sometimes we drown ourselves in a cup a water and forget what is of more importance. Be thankful your not sick, you have a bed to sleep on, you have friends, a job, a book deal, a car, a job, hot water..etc..there is always someone out there who has it much harder than you. Life is a circle, what ever vibe you put out there its what your going to get. The choice is yours😍👋👌💕


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