Ombre hair


Sorry I haven’t been around lately to vent, post pictures or just talk to myself:) I’ve been busy chasing life. Its time to go to the tax man and a whole bunch of other stuff. This is Morgan I met her when she was 3 months old. I can’t believe that was 21 years ago. She drove an hour and a half to come get her hair done. She made an appointment and the girl never showed  up. That can happen to the best of us. If I do that I kiss a lot of gluteals. Sometimes hair appts get messed up. It happens. The hair dresser flaked out and it came in my favor..Morgan loves her hair❤👌

She had long black hair and wanted a change she is gorgeous blond or brunette. I cut off about 4 inches  and painted the bleach and color on her I used no foils. I used 8np by Paul Mitchell and hair bleach. We had good conversations about how hard it is to date cause many nowadays are cheaters, got some side chick or living the downlow lifestyle…technology isn’t helping the cause. Much flirting on texts and so on. I lOVE MY JOB..I get to talk about anything and transform lives with a color tube.

Well let me take off my makeup and go to bed now. Its late up in here…:D


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