Cake face


I don’t remember if I posted this before this is me with my different makeup looks. Unfortunately I’m going to have to put my makeup artist dreams on hold for a while. I have some bills I need to pay off before I spend money on makeup. I also haven’t had a chance to revamp and take refresher makeup courses..if its not one thing its another.

I was hoping to reuse my Katy Perry fake eyelashes today but I can’t. They have too much glue from the prior use. I do know how to get that glue off and I don’t feel like spending $7 dollars on fake lashes today. I guess I will do my makeup  subtle today. I’m sick with a cold or the flu again..I have body aches and feel awful. Just because you dont feel good doesn’t mean you have to walk around looking crazy. Of course it all depends on the situation..if you have a love can gotta keep your game up and fix yourself rain or shine. Keep them on them toes💕👍


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