Before and After


Sorry I haven’t been so attentive on my blog the pass few days..I’ve been so busy chasing life…this is a before and after hair makeover. I did this on Friday.. She seemed really happy she tipped me well but I haven’t heard from her. I texted her asking her how she liked her hair and I haven’t heard a word. Before she left the shop I told her to let me know if she needed me to but cut or thin the sides out more. I guess no news is better than  nothing? These are the lil’ things that eats at me. You see I can do 6 people in one day and if one of that five gives me the vibe that that they aren’t really feeling their hair..I will dwell on that. I’m trying to find a balance.. and focus more on the positive.

I haven’t sat down and watched a movie in ages. Last night I caught the middle part of the Britney Murphy lifetime movie. Wow how sad the way she died. I don’t understand why in the world her mother didn’t take charge and rush her to a hospital? What a sad movie. You see that is why I can’t stand western medicine. I think she died from mixing all them drugs together…I’m sticking with my accupunture and Chinese herbs. I can honestly say that within one week they cured one problem I I just need to go for the rest of my health issues a few more time. I’m dropping weight l fast…I can paint my toe nails again and bend to tie my shoes…my belly fat is melting away.. .yay ..LOL!!


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