No makeup


I was at the doctor’s office at 7.30am this morning getting my bleach treatments on my patches and uneven skin tone. I feel blessed to have a barter system with a few of my clients. Every line and circle under my eyes comes with a deep rooted story. I don’t share my business for pitty parties I share to show you that I survived many things that the average person would loose their mind for. Did I tell you about the time the babysitter had my baby brother Isaias dangling over a window of our appt building in New Haven Connecticut? (Tall building) My brother was like a year or two old ..I remember screaming for dear life that he wasn’t let go. The things my mother had to suffer and endure as single mother to  put food on the table has no name. The females in my family are the some of the strongest women I know. I have 99 stories and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. My stories is why I love what I do as a stylist. I empathize with my clients and I feel their pain before they sit in my chair. Hairstylists make the world a more beautiful place by making people smile when they leave the salon💕💕💕


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