Nicest teacher in the world


This is my client Jovica. She’s been a loyal client for a long time, has never cheated on me or attempted to get the urge to cheat on me by going to another stylist. With all the crazy news about teachers sleeping with their students I had take the time out and commend the few good ones that are left. My mom always says: “Why don’t teachers get married before they teach so they won’t mess with the kids. I’m like: “Mom they are married. What’s up with these crazy teachers. Why don’t you go to the bar and meet some guy if your that desperate for sex?! Seriously! How sick can you be to mess with teen boys. Now see  this topic gets me riled up! (Exhales)

Anyhoo back to the good one. Jovica is one of the most patient, self controlled clients I know. In all the years I’ve been doing her hair she has NEVER once said anything bad about anyone. She’s on time, if I’m running behind she doesn’t throw a tantrum, she takes care of  her sick husband and makes time to  smile. One day the topic of religion came up ..I dont engage in politics or religion conversations at work because people get so upset and ugly like the exorcist.  They don’t reason and just keep spreading rumors that they heard from Juanita’s cousin Mario who is married to Lakquisha who had a sister in-law named Lucy. People don’t take the time to go to the horse’s mouth they just spread internet rumors and run with it. To cut the story short she asked me what I was and I told  her I was a Jehovahs Witness. I was waiting for her to spin her head to 360 degrees and curse me out ..see thats happened to me before. I don’t think its a good idea to get crazy with me when I have hot curling iron in me hand…hehe…well she didn’t get mad..she simply said: “Oh I have witness kids in my class room and they are so nice..I just don’t know what to do with them during the holidays. I told her not to feel sorry for them that they get enough love and toys year round. I asked her if she was okay with me mailing her info on why we don’t celebrate the holidays so that could understand why we don’t celebrate. She kindly said yes. Fast forward. Next time she came in she thanked me for mailing her the info and was really appreciative. The conversation ended and went back to our celebrity gossip.. Oh how I wish everyone was reasonable and non judgmental like her!!💕 if nobody wins the shampoo raffle this Saturday I might just end up giving it to her as a gift for being an amazing client and not getting on my dang nerves. ..LOL!!!



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