I haven’t done my makeup in a while. I forget that is one of my goals to look like a Mac girl.. LOL.. I’m going to sleep in, blog and do my makeup tomorrow. I bought some Katie Perry fake eyelashes at Kohls last week, I’m going to try and put em on tomorrow, if I do a good job I will post a picture. I’m running out of my Mac foundation but I’m trying to be frugal..that is definitely not my thing, I need to save $$ though. Oh I forgot I said I was going to take sundays off from posting on social media and  WordPress. I’m trying to organize my time.

Today was a good day at work. Everyone went home happy.. I need to post those pictures soon..I totally forgot. My coworker Yumi who is in her 80s fell today..I’m so inspired by her. She still has a clientele. I tried picking her up but of course I needed help. My coworker Tony helped me. She’s been loosing a lot of weight lately..she doesn’t look well at all. She seems lonely, when she’s done working she lingers around and seems like she doesn’t want to go home. She has two grown kids who don’t live near by. I hope they check on their mother. I don’t know what their situation is but I would visit my mother a lot more if she was in her 80s. Yumi is living in her last mighty years. I sense she won’t be around for long. ..I feel sorry for her. At least for now she can still socialize with is and her clients. I’d be very surprised is she’s still around the next three months. In the meantime let’s hope and pray that her adult kids come visit her soon..G’nite…talk to you all later..(waves)


One comment

  1. Sean Mungin · March 8, 2015

    Maybe you can be her “family “…😟


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